The last couple weeks I’ve been trying 100% Food by Space Nutrients Station. 100% Food, like Soylent, is a meal replacement that the perfect balance of nutrients your body needs. Each meal comes in a powdered form in a plastic bottle - all I do is add water and shake.

I been curious about Soylent for a while and have been looking for an alternative to my usual breakfast - dry cereal from a box. I’ve tried finding the best cereal to eat but ultimately it’s still just cereal and I don’t have the patience to cook every morning. 100% Food / Soylent excel at both the ease and health criteria.

My friend Harvey recommended 100% Food and handed me a few bottles to try. The chocolate flavor is delicious; it tastes like Ghirardelli brownie mix. The texture is a bit odd and changes as I keep adding water to the bottle (usually end up refilling as I drink to dilute more of the powder. I don’t mind it but others might.

I really enjoyed my first few morning with 100% food, I felt like I had more energy vs my normal cereal routine. The first variant I tried was low-carb, which had a bit too much sugar for me - if I had it for dinner, it would keep me up. Now I’m drinking the low-sugar variant which is better for my energy levels.

I’m very glad I switched to 100% Food for most breakfasts. Occasionally I’ll have it for lunch, if I’m busy and don’t want to break from work. I then find my tastebuds heightened if I go out for dinner and all the flavors are much more intense. If you’re curious, I definitely recommend checking it out or grabbing a bottle from me!