My last post recapped 2014, this post will look at some goals for 2015.

Full-time Endeavors

One short term goal is to find something to work on full-time. Ideally this would be my own startup but I’m very leery of founding something for the sake of having a startup - I’ve seen too many founders fall into that trap. I’ll keep brainstorming and validating ideas but I’m not going to force it.

Barring my own startup, I’m looking for awesome teams to join. Here is some of my criteria:

  • Stage: early, potentially pre-product/market fit
  • Team: mostly technical - I love being the first business guy
  • Role: COO / business generalist, with a hand in strategy, growth, and product
  • Sector: the future of work and decentralization of the economy

If you know of an interesting opportunity - please send it my way!

Projects / Productivity

As I noted in my last post, I want to amp up my output this year. I tend to be most productive when I have a tight feedback loop - e.g. when I know I’m going to share the results in the near future. To that end - feel free to hold me accountable by scheduling time to discuss or provide thoughts on what I’m working on!

I’m also very open to collaboration - my most productive periods last year all involved varying degrees of partnership. Things I aim to create this year include:

  • More board / card games
  • Short stories
  • Little programming experiments / art
  • Long-form blog posts exploring trends in technology