I just returned from a quick trip to St. Louis where I taught a coding bootcamp at Washington University.

It was great to be back on campus and I had a blast teaching. The course was all day Saturday and a half day Sunday. It was geared for people who had never coded before and only two of the 22 attendees had tried HTML before.

The weekend covered the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I also taught how to incorporate Bootstrap to help with the design. My goal was to have the students finish the weekend with a personal website that was live on GitHub Pages.

We packed in a lot of content but the students took to it quickly. They successfully completed their sites but we had trouble with GitHub due to the DDoS attacks - hopefully the sites will be live soon.

The weekend was exhausting but incredibly fun. My brother was there to coteach with me - it was a treat. Hopefully I’ll be back out this fall to teach it again.