I just returned from a great weekend trip to Austin. My girlfriend has a food tour company so we ended up finding a ton of delicious food. Some of the highlights were Odd Duck and Contigo for dinners, lunch at Easy Tiger, and Franklin’s BBQ for brunch.

Franklin’s is known for having transcendent brisket and massive lines. On the weekends, people camp out hours in advance just to get in before they sell out. We took advantage of a shortcut - they accept very limited take-out orders on the first Monday of the previous month. We were able to get one of those orders and got to skip the line. The BBQ was as good as promised - phenomenal brisket and ribs.

The rest of the trip was also great - we got to explore Austin and stroll along the river and through the parks. The LBJ Library was interesting and worth checking out. Another highlight was catching up with my former bandmate from The Raging Fjords - he’s living in Austin for the year; we had a blast but don’t expect a new album anytime soon.