I'm excited to announce that I've joined FactoryX!

I wrote about FactoryX a few weeks ago, after I spent an awesome week prototyping with them. I had a great time with them and the feeling was mutual - I’ve joined the team and started full time this past week.

A quick recap of FactoryX - it’s an organization experimenting with the future of work and entrepreneurship. The current model is for the core team to churn out a new startup every 10-15 weeks, which we then hand off to an executive team. At the time of handoff, the startup should have stable code, users, and revenue - it’s a pretty breakneck pace! Further, we’re experimenting with various forms of compensation and legal terms - all with the focus of maximizing value to customers and collaborators.

My role at FactoryX is going to be pretty fluid depending on what we’re building and where I can make the biggest impact. My initial focus is actually not on a startup for spin out but rather on building tools to help FactoryX learn faster and say aligned - it’s tough to keep everyone on the same page when we might pivot a product every week.

To start, I’m working on the user feedback tool (Didact) that I built during the prototype week: rebuilding it on the FactoryX stack and extending its functionality. I’m helping out with other projects and products, too, but Didact is my main focus. The FactoryX stack is React, Fission, Ampersand, and Mongo, and while I have some rough familiarity with Ampersand and Mongo, it’s mostly new material. That means I’m learning a ton as I spin up on the new frameworks; I’m enjoying the process and relish the opportunity to hone my coding skills.

I’m thrilled to be a part of FactoryX and am keen to see what we learn about the startups we build and the process we’re using. I’ll be sharing the lessons here on this blog - so stay tuned!