Since my last post on Dungeon World (DW), I've played a few more one-shot RPGs sessions. I continue to love the DW one-shot format and we’ve generated some great adventures and a surprising number of worker revolutions.

I’ve mostly done No-Prep one shots where we generate the world, villains, and quests at the beginning of the session but I’ve also had a chance to try a few one-shot modules. The first one I tried was Slave Pits of Drazhu - a quick adventure focusing on the heroes escaping from the slave pits and taking on the local lich. The adventure was fairly straight hack and slash but the backstory creation led to several reversals in allegiance and a little bit of player vs player combat.

Earlier this week I led a DW session with the Indigo Galleon (site may be down) module. This module has packs a ton of info into one double-sided sheet. There are many factions and threats that evolve over time and plenty of NPCs to color the combat and negotiations. There is enough content to form a solid scaffold for the story and enough flexibility to allow the players to choose their own way.

A final one shot I did recently was from a different system - Lasers & Feelings. This system fits on one side of a piece of paper and is extremely simple. Each player has one stat (Laser-feelings) and the higher it is the better they are at “lasers” (combat, research, intimidation) and the lower it is the better they are at “feelings” (intuition, diplomacy, seduction). The instructions also have a quick method for generating a nemesis and goals. I’ve only played it once but it was quick to start and a blast to run.