This Friday I went to check out Opera in the Ballpark - the annual event where the SF Opera is simalcast to the AT&T Ballpark (where the Giants play) and the public is invited to watch for free. People are allowed to sit on the field and picnic. This year the Opera was The Marriage of Figaro.

I don't think I’ve listened to opera before, let alone seen a live one. I was skeptical but had a great time. We stayed through the second act and had a great view of the screen at the stadium - the acoustics were actually pretty good. It’s a long play and the by Act III the stadium was pretty cold so we decided to head home.

The play itself was okay - the story was pretty simple and the comedy a bit too silly for my taste. I enjoyed the music and the singers were very talented but wished the plot was pretty slow. I also would have appreciated some stronger female characters but I’m not sure if opera has any. All in all, a great night and I’ll go again next year.