Amazon had a board game sale this weekend and I splurged on a few games. Today I played Star Fluxx and Tsuro.

Star Fluxx

Star Fluxx is part of the Fluxx family of games that have very similar rules but different themes. It’s card based and the key mechanic is that every card played can change the rules or victory conditions for the game. The game is very light and sessions can be over in 15 minutes. Because the rules keep changing, it’s tough to be particularly strategic. While I generally like deeper games, Fluxx is fun enough to see some table time, probably as filler while waiting for friends to show up.


Tsuro is another quick game, easily over in 15 minutes. The game involves taking turns laying down tiles and moving your token over the path the tiles create. The goal is to lay down the tiles so that your token stays on the map longer than anyone else - in some situations you can lay down tiles which guide an opponents token off the map. Tsuro also has more tactics then strategy, but I enjoyed it more than Fluxx. The act of building out the board and patterns is pleasing; much more relaxing than the chaotic rule changes in Fluxx.

Final Thoughts

Both of these games are fun and light and I’ll probably play them a bit more in the near future. If you’re thinking about getting them, I’d recommend Tsuro more, though Fluxx fills and light and mindless niche that is good for a change of pace.