SF is having an election on Tuesday - it's Mayoral, a few minor elected roles, and a dozen propositions. I usually check a few voter guides of organizations that align with my values. In recent years, I've met up with friends to discuss ballot measures but we didn't get our act together this time. 

I did look at the meta-guide that Hoodline created; It does a great job of visualizing the recommendations from any number of organizations that you trust.

I still want to create a vote proxy / recommendation forwarding app. The way it would work is easy: for each issue, pick the person in your life who is best informed on the issue and has the same values as you. They then can tell you how to vote or forward on the recommendation to someone else. It would be a simple way to vote well for those who don’t have the time to become informed. Ah well, maybe I’ll build it in time for the big election next year.