Just a quick update on some games I have in the works.

I’m pretty happy with where my collaborative worldbuilding game Panorama is and I’ll be moving the rules from a Google Doc into something with more panache. If you’re interested in the current rules, check them out here - I’d love feedback!

I mentioned my speedy collaborative conspiracy theory game It’s All Connected! last week and I’ve written up the rules. Check them out here and let me know if you play it!

I have two other game in the works which I hope to share more on soon. There’s a lightweight, diceless RPG where players are mages and they have cards that represent abilities, spells, and assets. I’m developing it with a good friend and we got great feedback on our first playtest - we’re hoping to do a few more playtests this month.

The other game is a hack of the great lightweight RPG Lasers and Feelings. Mine will be set in near-future San Francisco and called Hackers and Hustlers. I have a lot of the modifications sketched out and I hope to post more about it soon!