I’m excited to announce Diegetic Games - a site featuring all of my games.

It’s very much a work in progress but it’s good to have all my stuff in one place. I’ll be posting both drafts and finished versions of games on the site and might spin off some of the games related posts from this blog.

Diegesis is Greek for narrative or plot and most of my designs are story games. I love worldbuilding and storytelling and it’s fun making games that empower others to create their own settings and tales.

I almost went with the name Hyperdiegesis. It’s of my favorite terms; Matt Hills coined it and defined it as:

the creation of a vast and detailed narrative space, only a fraction of which is ever directly seen or encountered within the text, but which nonetheless appears to operate according to principles of internal logic and extension

Pretty awesome, right? Unfortunately it’s very tough to spell and people mishear me when I say it aloud. Ah well - hopefully I’ll get to use it some other time.