This week, Avital and I got to check out the filming of Batttlebots, the robot fighting competition. One of my colleagues is a competitor and he was kind enough to get us passes - thanks Christopher!

After a many year hiatus, the show returned last year. We watched the filming for the first round of finals for the new season. Because it won’t air for a while, I couldn’t take pictures of the bots and I can’t talk about specific fights.

We got to watch a few bot fights and they were very cool. The machines had a 250 pound weight limit. Some had spinning blades, others had flying drones, and one had a powerful pneumatic flipping arm. A match lasts three minutes and the bots are trying to destroy each other. If both are working at the end of the match, judges pick a winner.

The fights were a blast to watch and it was especially cool knowing how much time and effort the teams had put into building their bots.

Filming just ended for this season but check them out next year if you have a chance!