I’ve always been interested in taking an improv comedy class but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Given my love of storytelling and games, I image I’ll thoroughly enjoy ad libbing with a team.

My understanding is that if you want to participate in improv, you can take a class or join a troupe but there isn’t a casual way of participating. Even the ‘amateur’ improv groups seem to demand massive time commitments. This partly makes sense, as a troupe needs to know each other extremely well to put on a smooth show.

If you’re into sports, there are plenty of lightweight ways to get playing. There are amateur leagues where you don’t need to be at every game. Better yet, there are pick-up games where you can just show up and join a team. I haven’t heard of any similar thing for improv.

I’m thinking about starting a reoccurring pick-up event for improv comedy. Anyone, of any skill, could drop in and participate in scenes. The only audience would be other players so it’d be a safe, encouraging environment. We’d probably have a big roster of different improv ‘games’ to play and we’d likely do a debrief after each one (to discuss how to improve).

Does something like this exist? Is there a big flaw I’m missing? Interested in joining? Let me know!