Since starting at Plethora, I’ve been spending more time in the car, commuting. I’ve been reclaiming this time through podcasts and I’m totally hooked on a number of them.

Many of them are game related so I wrote up a list of Game and Game Design Podcasts on my site Diegetic Games. Here are some of my favorite non-game podcasts:

Review the Future: fun futurist podcast looking at the impact of technology on society in the present and future

Epicenter: awesome strategic analysis of the tech industry

Myths and Legends: entertaining retellings of classic stories with lots of good context

Writing Excuses: top authors sharing tips on their craft

99% Invisible: Great storytelling about hidden aspects of our society

Listening with Overcast

I use Overcast to listen to the podcasts. It’s a great app that gives me plenty of control over show subscriptions and downloads. It also has a great playlist capability so I can organize my shows my category. My favorite features are the speed-up effects - I listen at ~2.5x speed with the silences shortened and devour episodes in short order.

Have I missed any of your favorite shows? Let me know in the comments!