This week, I’m flying back east to hang out with my family, take a meeting in NYC, and attend Dreamation – a game festival in NJ. I have a policy of not going to the east coast between November and March but I’m also starting to plan my trips around Metatopia and Dreamation.

I attended Metatopia for the first time in November and it was an incredible three days of playtesting games and hanging out with amazing designers. Dreamation is more about playing than playtesting but the attendees are just as great. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with folks from Metatopia and making some new friends.

My initial schedule is packed with great rpgs and larps. I might need to make some space to relax / play pick-pickup games but my current choices are all so great!

Here’s my line-up:

Thursday night: Symbiosis (larp run by +Sarah Lynne Bowman +Harrison Greene)
Friday afternoon: Everyone's a Suspect (rpg run by +Kristin Firth)
Friday night:  Sarabande (larp run by +James Stuart)
Saturday morning: Damn the Man, Save the Music! (rpg run by +Evan Rowland)
Saturday afternoon: Morgard (rpg / larp run by +Jason Morningstar)
Saturday night: Sig (rpg run by +Jason Pitre)
Sunday afternoon: The Underappreciated Freeform Sampler

Avital is also attending and we'll be playing in a few games together. It's her first game convention and I'm excited to introduce her to the scene!