Yesterday, I made a Twitter bot that creates minor story conflicts and then facilitates their resolution. It’s called Encounter Bot, you can start collaborating by replying to a tweet.

I made the bot with Tracery / Cheap Bots Done Quick and it was incredibly easy to get started. At it’s core, there’s a list of locations (e.g. abandoned temple) and threats (e.g. angry noble). Every three hours, the bot picks a random location and threat and Tweets out the encounter.

When a player replies to a prompt, the bot then randomly selects a response (e.g. success at a cost, abysmal failure). The player can then keep replying and receiving responses until they decide to end the story by writing ‘The End’.

I posted the bot to a few RPG communities and there’s already been a flurry of interaction. You can skim the bot’s feed to see old stories and those in progress. Reply to any prompt to start your own!

The bot was so easy to make that I’ll likely make some more. I’ve shared the Encounter Bot source code, feel free to remix it!