Last week, I made Encounter Bot: Twitter Bot for interactive storytelling and wrote a short blog post on it. Since then I’ve made two more bots: Encounter Player and Govern Bot.

Encounter Player

I designed Encounter Player as a companion to Encounter Bot. Every six hours it tweets at Encounter Bot asking for a new prompt. Then it replies with randomly selected attitudes and actions.

The two bots go back and forth until Encounter Bot says there is an outstanding success or abysmal failure. Then, Encounter Player ends the thread. You can start your own adventure with Encounter Player by tweeting a prompt at it.

You can remix the code at Cheap Bots Done Quick.

Govern Bot

Yesterday, I created Govern Bot which casts you as the ruler of a nation and presents you with crises. This was a quick, fun one to make and I’ve enjoyed coming up with solutions.

This code is also up on Cheap Bots for remixing.

Encounter Bot for Alexa

I also ported Encounter Bot to Alexa, Amazon’s home assistant, so now you can play with your voice! Alexa is a bit harder to code for than Cheap Bots but the process of porting it over was relatively easy.

Up Next?

I’m not sure what my next bot will be but I’ll post any updates to this blog!