Last weekend I married my amazing partner, Avital!


Leading up to the wedding, we wrote a set of core values to guide us as a couple. We started by mapping out a wide array of values and norms we care about and then distilled them into a final set of six. Here’s the list:

Compassionate Communication

We communicate in a direct yet compassionate manner, striving to fully understand the other’s perspective and their needs while clearly conveying our own.

Pragmatic Optimism

We keep a positive outlook while staying grounded in reality, especially when facing challenges. We make thoughtful decisions that work toward our goals and balance our needs.


We push ourselves to continuously improve and actively encourage and support each other’s growth.

Build for Impact

We have a bias toward taking actions that create scalable positive impact on local and global communities.

Persistent Curiosity

We maintain an inquisitive, often playful, mindset to better understand the world and to generate more creative options.

Nurture Connections

We continually strengthen our own relationship and our bonds with our family and friends by actively creating shared experiences, storytelling, intimacy, and fun.