I just want to quickly tease three things I’m working on and hope to release soon:

Podcast: Jamming on Games

I’m starting a podcast, tentatively titled Jamming on Games. It’ll consist of a few things:

  • Inviting designers on and helping them develop their game or asking them to help with a game I’m developing
  • Creating a new game on air, by making up the rules as we go
  • Promoting and discussing ongoing game jams, ideas for submissions, and analysis of the winners

I’ve recored the first session and hope to edit and post it later this week!

Short Story

This morning I wrote a short story heavily inspired by the magical realism of Jose Luis Borges. I met with a good friend who was also working on a story and we workshoped each other’s work. I’m aiming to edit it in the next day or two and post it here on my site.

New Game

I’m working on a submission for Golden Cobra, the larp writing competition and it’s about people watching. I’ve playtested it and received solid feedback. I just need to make some final edits and then work on the visual design. The deadline is the 26th but I hope to finish it even sooner!