Last week I started a Patreon to support my game design hobby. I’ve loved designing games over the last few years and this will help me make more, better games. You can help me by pledging as little as $1 per game and you’ll get to join the design process – I’d deeply appreciate it!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a site that let’s fans directly support creators (artists, writers, etc). The creator can choose to make pledges per month or per unit of output – I went with per game and will likely release a game every three months.

Patreon also allows rewards for different pledge levels. For me – any pledge will get free access to games I release and get an inside look at the design process. Higher rewards get at-cost copies of the physical design, input on what I work on next, and game design consulting sessions with me.

Finally, Patreon let’s you set goals for the overall pledge level. I’ve already hit my first goal of $100 per game, so I’ll do regular video chats where I update folks on my progress and answer questions. I’m excited to someday hit the $250 goal so that I can commission art for each game.

Final Thoughts

I’m thrilled to have this live and I’m looking forward to using the rewards to make better games with the help of my fans. I don’t intend to become a full-time designer but this will help me dedicate a little more time and money to a hobby I love!

Again, you can check out my Patreon here: