This week I hit two big milestones related to game design. Our CIA Game’s Kickstarter campaign finished and I released my first game through Patreon.

CIA: Collect It All Kickstarter

On Tuesday, our Kickstarter campaign ended with $151,000 in funding – five times our goal! We were thrilled at the last minute surge of backers with brought in $40,000 in the last two days. Now we just need to produce the game. We already have a manufacturer lined up and working to get the final version of the cards ready for printing. If you missed the Kickstarter but still want a copy, you can pre-order here.

Honor Bound on Patreon

Also on Tuesday, Jason Morningstar and I released Honor Bound. It’s a game that explores honor culture and masculinity through the lens of an old fashioned duel. It starts just after a challenge is issued and follows the duelists, seconds, doctor, and judge as they struggle to de-escalate a fraught situation in a society that values reputation above all else. Working with Jason was a treat and I’m proud of how the game turned out.

The game is available to anyone who backs my Patreon or his Drip.