Avital and I are are getting ready for a 3-month trip to Japan!

We’ve been wanting to live abroad again and we both love Japan – we’ve been separately but not together. We were able to line things well and we’ll be living there March-May.

March is mostly figured out – we’re renting an apartment in Shibuya and spending most of our time in Tokyo. We’ll be working in the mornings to overlap with west coast hours and then exploring later in the day.

April and May are still up in the air – we might stay in Tokyo and take side trips or we might rebase to other cities.

Know awesome folks living in Japan? Make an intro! We’re especially interested in making friends with:

  • Game designers
  • Interactive theater designers
  • Entrepreneurs

There’s a lot to do as we get ready. We’re moving out of our house on the February 25th and flying out on 27th. We’re definitely moving back to SF afterwards and will start hunting for a place when we return.