I spent this weekend in LA at RefactorCamp and it was a great! This was my fourth time attending and full of quirky intellectual insights and discoveries.

I designed a lightweight game for this year called “Walking the Future” which 35 of us played this afternoon. We went on a \~hour walk around Santa Monica, speculating on how the neighborhood might transform in 2030-2040.

I passed out cards with different components of the city / society / technology / inhabitants and as we walked around, used those cards as lenses to look at aspects of the future. Participants then created short vignettes that used their cards as well as inspiration from our surroundings (a transit hub, a park, a school). They also reponded to prompts such as “What was the biggest IPO that year?” or “What was the biggest protest event?”

It went really well! Folks seemed to have a great time playing it and we generated some fascinating visions of the future. Here's the <a href="[https://randylubin.itch.io/walking-the-future](https://randylubin.itch.io/walking-the-future "https://randylubin.itch.io/walking-the-future")">PDF of the game</a> for you to print and play in in your own neighborhood.