Mother's Day is this Sunday - give Mom the gift of web presence.

For under $10 and less than an hour's work you can buy a domain and connect it to Tumblr (micro-blogging platform).  Featuring:

  • Her own domain name (i.e. your-mom'
  • A custom email address (i.e. mom's-name@mom'
  • Easy blogging through Tumblr

Step 1: Buy a Domain

I suggest buying the domain through Google - they automatically integrate it with Google Apps and Gmail.  It costs $10 per year and is hassle free.

Go here and click the 'Find Domain' button (to the right) if you don't already own the domain. The rest of the check-out process is straight forward.

Step 2: Create a Tumblr Account

Head over to Tumblr and sign up for a new account. You may want to use the new email address you created in Step 1.  The sign-up is pretty easy.

You can customize the theme if you'd like but it might be fun select one with your mom.

Step 3: Point the domain to Tumblr

Here is Tumblr's guide but I'll provide my own walkthrough.

This part is a little technical but still very easy. You're going to redirect the domain you purchased to Tumblr so that anyone who puts in your mom's URL will see the Tumblr page.  If you registered through Google you may need to wait a little while for the inital purchase to be approved.

First go to the 'blog settings' page on Tumblr.  One of the first sections is URL which contains a checkbox titled Use a Custom Domain Name check it off and enter the domain you just purchased.

Now you need to go to the domain registrar and change the CNAME.  If you signed up through Google Apps, do the following:

  1. Go the the Google Apps main dashboard
  2. Select the 'Domain Settings' tab at the top
  3. Select the 'Domain Names' sub-tab'
  4. Click 'Advanced DNS Settings'

This should take you to a new page listing your sign-in name, password, and a link 'Sign in to DNS console'.  Click the link and sign in.

You now need to find the DNS Manager - this may take a little hunting but shouldn't be too hard to find.  It may also be called Zone File Editor.

Change the A-Record to and save.

You're now good to go. It may take up to an hour for the changes to be fully implemented but be patient.

After some time, try going to the domain name you purchased - it should take you to the Tumblr page you created.  Good work!

Step 4: Show Your Mom

Now that everything is set up, it's time to show your mom what you've created. Give her the password to her new GMail account (her name @ her domain) and teach her how to use Tumblr (it's very easy).  Now's a good time to help her select a theme for the Tumblr, customize it, and create her first post.