I was going to write out a short story for this week but ran out of time. Instead I'll provide a quick overview of where it might have gone...

Premise: it would explore the impact of the tooth fairy injecting money into the economy by leaving it under pillows.

  • In enough quantity, this may cause inflation
  • The end of high inflation toward the end of the '70s (80's?) was due to increased fluoride in the water
  • Hyperinflation such as in South American nations or the Weimar Republic were due to the introduction of new candy bars into those regions
  • The Federal Reserve coordinates with the tooth fairy / dental associations to adjust money supply
  • The tooth fairy is the best way out of any recession - giving more money to kids who lose teeth does a great job of stimulating demand

That's all I have for now... I might revisit it later if I have the time or inclination