Last post I shared the health findings of my 23andMe genome sequencing, in the post I'll talk about the Ancestry results.

I had to wait a week extra for the Ancestry portion of the results and I'm a bit underwhelmed. Here's the breakdown of major info:

Maternal and Paternal Haplogroups: H and J2, respectively. These indicate which regions my ancestors were likely from and in which migration wave they took part. The maternal group: H is a broad indicator of early migration to Europe... it's prevalent in many Europeans. The paternal group, J2 is highly prevalent in the Middle East and southern Europe. no surprise in either of these findings.

Relative Finder: this shows other 23andMe users likely to be related... they found a bunch of people with ~1.2% DNA; maybe 2nd-4th cousins (not that exciting).

Country Similarity: This is a breakdown of what countries my ancestors were likely from (based on similarity with other 23andMe participants). The top results were Russia 10%, Ukraine 7%, Poland 6%. This isn't shocking as I know my great great grandparents were from the Pale of Settlement - the Jewish region in Eastern Europe.

Overall, not too much new information. I was generally unimpressed by the part of 23andMe results but I'm sure I would have been fascinated if it turned out a chunk of my genome was from Africa, India, or Japan!

This concludes my series of posts on 23andMe... overall I'm glad I did it but am not overwhelmingly thrilled by service. It's a bit of a relief knowing that there aren't any ticking time bombs in my genome. My information will keep updating as 23andMe continues to learn more about what genes map to which phenotypes... hopefully there will be some other interesting results in the future.