Earlier this week, Meetings.io sold to Jive Software. 

As Meetings.io's "business guy" I was extremely involved in the deal negotiations and closing process. It was a fascinating experience and I learned a ton. Perhaps in a future post I'll discuss some of the lessons learned throughout the negotiations process. It was also an exhausting journey, about three full months between Jive first reaching out and us closing; we raced to close the deal just hours before Jive's earnings call in which it was announced.

While it feels like I just started, I think the acquisition was a good decision on the part of our company - maybe I'll delve into the reasons in a future post. Ultimately our team has the chance to affect a lot of change by leveraging Jive's customer base and support. I'll be sticking around Jive as the Product Manager for the Meetings.io / Real Time Communications team.

I started working at Jive last Monday, when we closed the deal. So far I've been impressed with both the product and the people; everyone I've met so far seems awesome.

It's been a crazy, fun ride with Meetings.io and it will be very interesting to see what we do next!