I’m excited to announce I’m transitioning to a role in Corporate Development at Jive Software. In this role I’ll be focused on M&A and partnerships with startups.

Following Jive’s acquisition of Meetings.io in November, I took on the Product Manager role for the new Real Time team. I focused on ensuring a smooth transition and creating an exciting product roadmap. With that accomplished, I’m switching into Corporate Development.

Though my new role, I’ll be meeting with startups to find awesome opportunities for acquisition or partnership. I really enjoyed the M&A process from the target’s perspective and I’m sure I’ll like it from the acquirer’s side. The partnership angle is great, too; Jive can help startups reach a huge market and scale incredible quickly.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with tons of great startups. It’s something I do already and now there’s an extra dimension to focus the conversation.

I’m excited to jump into this new role and think it’s going to be a great experience!