It’s been a few weeks so I wanted to give an update on the various game projects in which I’m involved.

Nation Building

I’m still working on this but haven’t been able to put a lot of time into it. First I was distracted by my Listserve Project and now I’ve been involved with 5322, which I’ll talk about in a second.

I’m still happy with how Nation Building is progressing. The basic engine is in place but I want to add a few more features before I put the alpha online. The first version is just going to be growing your band until you become a post-agricultural tribe. If I find the time to work, it should get there in a week or two.


A few weeks ago, Tim Hwang decided to run an email driven MMO. I was excited to play it but even more thrilled when he asked me to help run it. We have about 40 players now and a federated network of game-runners. Designing and running the game has been a tremendous amount of fun and I’m excited to share all the details once the story resolves next week. We’ll definitely do a behind the scenes / how-to guide once it’s completed.