Lately I’ve been using Voice Dream to listen to ebooks (credit to Chris Maury for showing it to me). It’s an awesome little app that allows you to load any epub, pdf, etc. and it will read it aloud. The voice is a little robotic sounding but I don’t mind. The best feature is that you can accelerate the playback speed. Over the first week I had it, I started slow and then worked my way up to the to the max speed of 500 words per minute.

I actually don’t mind reading on my phone but Voice Dream allows me to listen during my commute - when I wouldn’t be able to read. I’ve been tearing through a large back-log of reading.

Recently I’ve been on a sci-fi binge - reading the Mars Trilogy, Schild’s Ladder, and The Player of Games - all excellent. Prior to that I read The Origins of Political Order - the book which inspired me to create the Nation Building game.

The next book I’ll read is probably Antifragile but I’d love some suggestions for what to read next!