After a few lazy weeks, I had a very productive day on Nation Building! It feels really good to be coding again. I’ll provide a brief overview of my updates. You can check out the latest version here.

Keyboard Controls

I added a module that monitors keyboard inputs and acts on them when appropriate. The two current uses are:

  1. You can issue movement orders to your band
  2. You can resolve a decision by hitting the number of the choice

The movement keys map to the neighboring territories like this:

If you don’t want to use the keyboard, you also still click to both select movement and choices.

The module was a little tricky to create but I can now easily extend it to encompass any other actions.

Win Conditions

I now have a game loop checking for win conditions. The only way to win right now is by selecting ‘Win the Game’ during a random ‘Decision’ event, but it’ll be easy to extend the conditions to something much more interesting.

That’s all for today but I hope to get a few more hours in tomorrow night.