Following up on last week’s post:

Though the fourth season got off to a strange start - I thoroughly enjoyed it. As the season went on, some of the quirks faded (e.g. less narration) and the plotting improved. There were also a few story arcs (Tobias and G.O.B.) that turned excellent.

Part of why my enjoyment improved was that by mid-season we started to see payoffs on jokes that were set up in the first few episodes. The pace of jokes picked up and returned to the density of the earlier seasons.

I rewatched a few of the early season four episodes this weekend with my family and found I enjoyed them much more - there were inside jokes you don’t get until you’ve seen the whole season. This show is definitely better upon rewatching and I’m looking forward to marathoning it again some time in the future (probably before season five / the movie).

The biggest downside of the show is that it ends too quickly. Almost none of the plots reach any resolution. I’ve heard the season is set up “Act 1” for the movie. It definitely accomplishes that but I definitely felt unsatisfied at the end of the last episode (though the final scene with Michael and George Michael is pretty great).

Ah well… just have to hope the next release isn’t seven years away.