It’s been another great year! This post will be a quick summary of what I’ve been up and some highlights.


I spent the first eight months at Jive - post acquisition. I learned a lot there and hopefully made an impact. Ultimately, I missed the start-up life and left in September. Since leaving I’ve been hacking on side projects, exploring startup ideas, and doing some pro bono consulting for a non-profit.

My coding ability keeps improving - my favorite project involved real time video (WebRTC), synchronized data (Firebase), and a front end framework (Angular). I feel empowered to prototype just about anything, fairly quickly.


I’ve moved to an amazing apartment (still in the Mission) with a really great community. There are three of us in our place and we have four friends next door (over a stepladder to get between our roof decks).

There’ve been plenty of board games and I am working on one of my own (keep an eye out for future posts). Games remain one of my favorite ways of hanging out with friends.

I’ve been playing lots of guitar, thanks to Rocksmith. I even got to play on stage in front of ~100 people! I’m very happy with how my skill is progressing.

I undertook some fun travel - highlights were a weekend trip to Mexico City and a week in the UK which involved a hackathon on a plane and a meeting with the Prime Minister.

This is my 46th blog post this year. I’ve hit every week that Iron Blogger was in session - the social pressure really helps! My favorite posts were Cognitive Exoskeleton and Laws vs Norms.

It’s been an awesome year and I’m looking forward to making 2014 even better!