My last post recapped 2013. This post will talk a bit about my goals for 2014.

My primary goal is to be more productive. Borrowing from a friend’s idea - I’m going to start measuring the daily percentage of time spent productively and aim to keep improving that number.

For me, productivity can be many things - working on side projects, interviewing potential customers, volunteering, focused learning, prototyping, etc. I’m going to break out my hours and might set sub-goals each week. I’m not sure how I’m going to track them but I’ve heard good things about

Some other tactics I’ll try include: scheduling coworking days with friends, putting specific appointments on my calendar for different specific productivity goals, finding collaborators for specific side projects or learning challenges.

I’ll be posting some of the successes and failures of these methods here - I’m hoping Hawthorn Effect alone will be able to drive a huge increase in output. We’ll see!