As per my last post, I’ve been playing with WebAudio. So far I’ve been loving it - the API is very powerful and there are some great tutorials around the web.

I’ve made two little things so far. Both experiments use the WebAudio APIs (should work on everything - including mobile - except IE) - they also use Angular.js and Easel.js (a great library for interacting with HTML5 Canvas.

The first thing is a Theremin - a crazy electronic instrument usually played with a wand. In my digital version, you drag Doge around a canvas to make sound. The Y-axis is frequency and the X-axis is pan (left vs right speaker).

The second thing generates Binaural Beats which can supposedly alter your brainwaves to make you more relaxed, alert, or meditative. This, too, is controlled by Doge. If you’re going to try it - you MUST use headphones to get the effect.

So far - so fun! The coding has been easy and enjoyable; the learning has come quick. I look forward to continuing the experiments…