Today I went hiking at Ano Nuevo State Park and it was great!

Ano Nuevo is an hour south of San Francisco, between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. It’s famous for being an elephant seal breeding ground (10,000 arrive every year). There are docent guided tours, but you need to get tickets in advance or take your chances with stand-by and hope someone flakes. Here is the tour info:

Just minutes into our tour, we spotted four black-tailed deer. They were unphased by our presence and we walked pretty close to them.

Further along the trail we found a ‘weenie’ (slightly older than a pup) hanging out on the beach.

And not too far away a massive adult male - these guys can weigh thousands of pounds.

And then a pack of ‘weenies’ - some are covered in sand to cool off

And a huge beach full of adults, weenies, and pups

A great trip - check it out some time!

Final shot - my brother and me with seals in the background: