I’m extremely excited to announce that I’m helping with Innovate Delhi this June!

Innovate Delhi is a three week entrepreneurial bootcamp run by two friends at Stanford - Professor Sharique Hasan and Rem Koning. They’re awesome and are trying something bold with this program. They’ll be training 200 top Indian students in entrepreneurship and collecting great data on innovation and collaboration.

I’m flattered that they’ve asked me to help and I look forward to contributing. I’ll be advising them on curriculum and then teaching at least one session when we get to Delhi. I’ll also be mentoring the student teams as they refine their business plans.

I’ve never been to India and am extremely excited to visit. The official program is June 1st to the 22nd but I’ll likely fly over a few weeks early and take some side trips. A current contender is a train up to Nepal and then east to Darjeeling. Let me know if you have any advice!

This is going to be an excellent program and I’m honored to help out. I’m also thrilled to finally visit India. I’ll be posting more info as I figure out my itinerary. As always, I’ll blog a lot when I’m actually traveling.

It’s going to be awesome!