This week I played Suburbia - a very good board game about urban development.

You act as urban planner and lay hex tiles that represent residential, industrial, commercial, and civic regions. Each tiles has special attributes - for example, the heavy industry tile grants +1 cash but -1 reputation for each adjacent residential tile.

The goal is to grow your city as big as possible but you have to balance income and reputation. It’s a tricky balance to maintain - grow to fast and you’ll have income / reputation problems. There are only a few hexes you can purchase at any time but the choices are always interesting.

I’ve been playing it on the iPad app, which has a great interface. In addition to the standard competitive mode (vs human or AI) there is a decent single player campaign (solitaire mode).

Overall - a great game, with the right mix of tactics and strategy. I highly recommend trying it out. You can also see a video review at the humorous and insightful review site Sit Down and Shut Up:

You can snag it on iOS here: