I’m noodling on an idea for a card game that borrows heavily from the Roguelike genre.

The Roguelike elements that I want to dive into are fast leveling (getting very powerful very quickly), perma-death (once your character dies, there’s no bringing them back), and randomly generated levels.

I’ll probably start prototyping with the deck from Munchkins as it already has plenty of items and monster cards. Gameplay might involve going through increasingly challenging levels of a dungeon with harder monsters and better rewards. If your hero dies, you might be able to send a second here forward to loot the corpse.

I’m also interested in creating a 2 (or more) player version which is set up for coopetition - the heroes can help each other out but there are strong incentives to backstab at some point - inspired by Indy vs Belloq.

I’ll post my progress here…