Update: I’ve launched the game at Plotypus.com and am taking orders for a limited time.

I’m extremely excited to share Plotypus - a game I’ve been developing for the past few months. I just received the first test print from the printer and the cards look great!

Plotypus is a collaborative storytelling card game. The goal is to enable a group of friends to tell an epic story with a gripping plot. While there are already some excellent storytelling games (Microscope, Fiasco, Once Upon A Time), they tend to yield messy plots - though they are tremendously fun. My goal with Plotypus is to have a fun game that generates a great story.

I’ve had plenty of help developing this game; my main collaborator has asked to remain anonymous but he’s been instrumental in the evolution of the rules and design of the cards. Thanks also go to all the friends who have helped me playtest.

I’ll be posting the files and manual online, after I make one last round of revisions.

Game Overview

The game has two parts: Setup and Storytelling. During the setup phase, the players choose settings cards and hero / villain archetypes. These form the context of the story.

In the storytelling phase, each player describes a few sentences of the plot, advancing the story. The players follow the Storybook cards which define the key chapters and guide the overarching narrative.

Once per act, players draw a catalyst card which raises the stakes.

If the players are stuck, they can draw random character and settings cards for inspiration. There is also a deck of narrative devices to mix things up.

Next Steps

Now that I have a test print, I need to make a round of design edits. I’m pleased with how they look so there won’t be too much work. I’m using PrintPlayGames and they’ve been easy and high quality.

After tweaking the designs, I’ll post the files online so anyone can print their own copy. I’ll continue to conduct playtests and take feedback to refine the game.

Assuming I get a positive response, I hope to run a Kickstarter for this sometime next year.

If there’s lots of interest, there is plenty of room for expansion packs, including cards from myriad genres and settings.