Update: I’ve launched the game at Plotypus.com and am taking orders for a limited time.

Last week I wrote about Plotypus, the storytelling game I’ve been developing. I wrote a (very) short story to introduce the game. It might not make it into the final game manual but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Plotypus Intro Story

The year is 2378 - you and your crewmates are ‘guests’ of His Excellency: Kyashlar, Sultan of Titan. He has been keeping you prisoner since your ship crashed near the palace, several kilo-hours ago. At first, his Vizier suspected you were Ganymede spies but you assuaged his fears after ‘consenting’ to brain probes. Still, you languish in the guest rooms with no indication that you’ll ever be allowed to leave the palace.

One day, you overhear two guards discussing the upcoming Saturnalia. As per Titan tradition, the second night of festivities includes a storytelling tournament with Sultan Kyashlar, wisest among men, as judge. The Sultan, beneficent as he is wise, will grant one wish to whomever weaves the best tale.

You and your crewmates believe winning the tournament is your only chance for freedom. Luckily, you have a copy of Plotypus™ to aid in crafting the most magnificent story of all time. Can you win the Sultan’s approval and thus a return trip to your mother corporation? Good luck!

Oh right, minor point, if the Sultan dislikes your story he will throw you to the nanobots and have you spun into carbon nanotubes. So, no pressure…