Earlier today, three friends and I spent an hour sprinting around Chinatown as part of Citydash, an outdoor game. The game involved running around a 15 square block area, following clues and dodging (in-game) guards.

We were racing the clock as well as other teams - there were bonuses for being the first team to reach a checkpoint. There were points if we got close to a guard without the guard seeing us.

The game had a nice app component where we submitted the codes which confirmed we reached the checkpoint; it also provided hints and displayed a leaderboard.

My team won! And by a nice margin too…

Some of the best moments involve hiding behind cars and in shops and then sprinting away from guards.

Today was the playtest for the full event this Saturday. I highly recommend you check it out! Here’s the link: http://citydash.fire-hazard.net/. Ticket sales support Come Out and Play.