Over winter break, Raph D’Amico helped me refresh Story Synth’s look and feel. You can check it out at storysynth.org – I love how it turned out!

First up, there’s a sharp new logo:

Story synth logo

We gave the homepage a complete redesign and it looks much more modern and professional than the previous iteration. The new styling carries over to the Gallery page and the new Formats page.

a screen shot of the 'create a game' section of the story synth home page

Finally, we redesigned the in-game “session” pages. The previous and next buttons now float alongside the cards on big screens, and underneath on small screens. All the other buttons now live in a menu modal, accessible from the top of the screen. This is a huge improvement over the cluttered look of the old interface.

Collaborating with Raph on this redesign was a massive treat for me. His process, design sensibilities, keen eye, and deft CSS skills made all the difference – every step was a complete delight!